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Last night I had the opportunity to meet Frank Gehry.  It was cool.  Regardless of whether you like his designs or not, it is pretty difficult to dispute his importance and relevance in the way we practice architecture and the way it is taught, specifically as it relates to craft and building technology.  He pioneered the BIM process and in some ways has returned power to the architect as the “Ruskin-ian Master Builder”.  He told me he just liked to make stuff and make people happy.  I told him that’s what I like too and asked if that’s easier now as a famous architect with huge commissions or when he was young and coming up with less resources but also with less headaches.  He replied by telling me he doesn’t think he is a famous architect.  In his mind he said he is just like me, still young and still unsure, but loves to make stuff.  I don’t know if it can be that simple, but it was a refreshingly humble outlook for someone of his stature.


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