ben brady

Flat-Pack H20 dispenser/filter/carrier

So this went through a couple of iterations, but it isn’t quite there yet.  The idea was to create  a water filtering/carrying/dispensing device that is flat-packed and that it is its own shipping material.


The size is designed around the size of a quart freezer bag.  All the framing are made of cardboard and lined with duct-tape to resist water drops.  The frame uses no fasteners and relies on compression of cardboard, friction between cardboard and plastic.  

The bag is shipped to someone with all pieces required for assembly including some extra bags, zip ties and rubber bands.

The bag holds 1 quart of water and the cap on the pen contains the water until ready to be used.  The filtering happens internal to the frame of the pen. Right now that is unresolved.  The pen is a typical ball-point with a hole cut into the top end and the ink cartridge removed.   The bag is punctured by the pen, and the bag resists tearing and spreading by means of duct tape in a small patch.  The bags would probably be shipped with pre-cut holes, but you could also cut your own.  The zip ties end up not being used, but are nice to have.  Who doesn’t like zip-ties.  The bag is in pinched in friction between the layers of cardboard enough to support a quart of water.  



water jug collapsible 2








cut your own!














packaged state











opened state with all parts (taped cardboard, ball-point pen, 2 bags (1 replacement), 4 zip ties, some filter

















assembled thing

















joints free of mechanical fastners

















view of spout detail made of pen with hole drilled into it.


carl with water












water thing in use!


I think the thing has some promise, but the downfall is in the initial premise.  Since the construction technique involves some percise cutting (which may be able to be done by hand) and the nice thing about it is that it ships within itself, but I think the footprint of an item like this would be incredibly high, because it weighs next to nothing and would be intended to be shipped to impoverished countries all over.  My next stab will be to do something with methods that aren’t typical to any particular area, something more remedial.  It is also not really good-looking and why shouldn’t people be able to filter their water in style?


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