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For this week’s project Jeremy and I looked at producing garments that amplify human emotion.  In Jeremy’s shirt, when he cowers over, spikes are released from his back as a defense mechanism similar to a puffer-fish or a porcupine.  The garment shown above is intended to indicate strength.  At rest, the double-layered shirt shows it’s colors as predominantly black and dull, but when the body flexes, inflates, and becomes larger in line with body language intended to intimidate, bright spots from the shirt below are larger and more visible.  This mimics what many fish, frogs, and other animals do in nature already by changing to bright colors to intimidate their predators.


The shirt operates in 2 layers.  The bottom layer, is composed of a grid of alternating black and white velcro.  This part of the shirt can be worn independently of the second part.  This shirt amplifies the protective and secretive emotions of the user.  By folding the shirt over on itself at any point, the shirt can create in one sense pockets to conceal your personal items anywhere on your body while simultaneously camouflaging itself like a zebra.


The second layer is a stretchy black shirt with holes slashed in it.  When relaxed, the holes are closed and nothing shows through, but when provoked and the body expands and puffs-up the holes also expand revealing the patterned shirt below.



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