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rendering of beachfront hotel landcape in progress…


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So the other day I was imorting a site model into a render file I have.  Something got incredibly confused in the import and I ended up with this 3-d polar array of typical hotel floor slabs instead of my site plan.  I was sort of angry at first, because I was on a deadline at work, but I sort of liked the mistake so I rendered it.  Mistakes are annoying but sometimes they can lead to things you like I suppose.

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this is a slideshow of my latest portfolio.  It was submitted for an award at school and documents most of the work done in the last 2 years in studio and some selected elective courses.  It is organized by semester, each denoted by graphic statistics that track my growth (or decay) over the last couple years. 

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this is a vignette I did of a tower my firm is doing in China right now.  The tower is just in concept stage.

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