ben brady

DENSE + GREEN part 2

I have abandoned the idea of a skyscraper as a means of efficient living in a tropical climate.  Now, I am using a similar system to create a mat-building floating 6 stories above the street, with small, localized housing towers emerging from a large public space on the roof.  The entire building is meant to take advantage of Singapore’s local climate.  With insanely high solar angles, sun is able to penerate the ground through the mat both illuminating it as well as providing growing conditions for tropical forests, integrating housing and nature.  The pink band is public space.  The whole thing sits on retail clusters that are accessed from under the mat.  The mat will also provide pedestrians with a much-needed, shady micro-climate to escape from the Singapore heat.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow. This is amazing. What a great idea.

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