ben brady

fun with rope lights

Carl and I are working on an installation with rope lights and arduino.



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i think i am gonna start making some clothes again… 

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working on the towers

I am trying to break from the monotony of the previous towers.  Repetition is inevitable in housing but now I am looking at ways to break that repetition.   I was experimenting with introducing new programs into the towersbut I didn’t like it so much, so instead, I am just subtracting units to create a new size of outdoor space.  Before this, there was a large roof deck that serviced all the towers and small balcony sized green spaces but there was nothing servicing a floor for example.  Other than that, I have removed many 10×10 1 bedroom units and replaced them with 8×10 studio units, rotated to allow porosity and to make the core more porous.

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