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I recently finished my internship at Renzo Piano Building Workshop.  It was really great.  I had a lot of fun and I feel like I learned a ton.  I am really going to miss it there.

While I was there, I worked on a competition with some friends who work over at Jean Nouvel’s office.  The competition was for an opera house in Korea.  I didn’t really have anything to do with the overall design and form of the building because I was pretty busy with work during the conceptual/schematic parts of the project.  I just lended my service in the last week to create the interior of the opera.  It was fun to design it and to design it really really fast in order to make the deadline.  Basically the team had a concept of smooth shapes for the opera.   I don’t really know why and I didn’t really care.   So, I tried to split the form into a number of strips that I could manipulate to function more specifically for an opera.  Basically like the strips open up to create interior partitions for the private balcony seating.  Also, the strips are manipulated and separated again on the ceiling of the opera in order to provide openings for lighting and audio equipment toward the stage.


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  1. Kirsten says:

    I can never understand your architecture lingo!

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