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The first task of the studio is usually to make a model of your site that you can use as a reference when making study models for your project.   I think the trick is to make it really nice the first time so that you don’t have to do it again.  Also, models have a way of getting totally trashed around here so it is important to make it out of something solid.  Myself and a couple of other people in studio made it in a weekend.  Basically, we laser-cut the site out and set it over water.  Then, we bought a bunch of solid Ba$$ wood and started to carve the buildings out.  Basswood is expensive but strong and has nearly no grain, which can be really distracting in a model like this.  Basically everything  not water is birch and bass wood, and the rest is really dark grey plexi glass.  The best thing I think about it  (and you can see it in many of the pictures) is that it is made in 6 pieces that are about 18in x 30in each.  Together the whole thing is like 54in x 60in so it is really big.  By making it this way, we can each put a piece on our desks and just assemble it at the end.  The problem currently are the trees.   They should also be wood, but they look a bit silly at the moment.  I think I will probably go back and shape all of them so they are chunky shapes that are not spheres.  Kind of looks like candy land or something.


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