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So I am back at school now.  It is nice to be back working on my own designs and I am excited to use some of the tricks and things I learned at my internship.  I do miss Paris though.  I think Cambridge is a bit of a shit-hole.  Oh well…basically I have to finish one more studio and my thesis and I will be out of here.  Back to Europe?  Maybe Asia?  I really don’t know…maybe start something with some friends.

The studio I am taking takes place is Venice, Italy at Piazzale Roma…the bus station.  Basically if you have ever been there, you realize what a shit-show that bus station is.  Our task is two-fold; one to cover the existing bus station and two, to introduce a new archive building for the city of Venice.   It is a very complicated project and is super interesting too.  Our studio is taught by a Spanish Architect called Luis Rojo de Castro.  He seems really cool and I basically want to write down everything he ever says to us.  His firm is called Rojo Fernandez-Shaw.  I chose the studio based basically on his website and personal work.  I think he is a really good architect from what I can tell about architecture and I figured I could learn a lot from him.  I met with him today and I think he understands my ambitions for the studio.  I really want to get into how the building works…and to make a more real project.  I am interested in the digital space of an archives building…the collective models of knowledge that exist in cloud-based systems, but I am also quite interested in the agency of the architect to actually design physical space.  At the end of the day a building is designed by an architect and I think that is a great thing.  Knowledge and digital space and things can be collective but physical space in my opinion shouldn’t be so democratic.   When physical space has too many voices things tend to be muddy and watered down.   I would never presume to design my own car or any other thing I wasn’t expert in…rather I would like to leave that to designers and engineers who know what they are doing.  Luis, my professor told us that an architect has to be interested in buildings…a designer is a stylist who can make things aesthetically pleasing.  I want to be more of an architect and less of a designer and  I want to learn to make things with a perspective.

How can digital space inform and enhance physical space?  This is a question I am extending into my thesis.  Does video kill the radio star?   I would argue that it cannot, and that it is boring and unsatisfying to the end-user if it does.  On the other side of the coin, a denial of digital spaces in physical realities is naive.  Digital and Analog or Digital and Physical cannot be seen as opposites, they cannot be pitted against one another.  Rather, one can inform the other and open new spatial opportunities.

In studio I like to get the ball rolling by just making something.  Otherwise, I could find myself weeks into the semester with no work to show…just a lot of thoughts.  So last week, I got some birch veneer and laser cut a map of Venice into it.  I placed it over a translucent piece of plexi and lit it from behind to better understand the water ways and canals of venice.  A typical Nolli map misses one key aspect of Venice…the water.

1:10000 light box study

1:10000 light box study


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Thesis idea seems really interesting. Can’t wait to here more.

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