ben brady


muji on left...thonet on right


So this is by no means new…but I can’t get enough.  Basically everytime I see this chair I loose my mind.  I think it might be my favorite object around these days.  Many many many years back Thonet created chair #14.  Not only was this chair absolutely beautiful, crafted of lovely bent wood, but it was one of the most produced chairs (if not the most produced) of all time.  It dissasembled and packaged away into a shipping crate very nicely and something about the timeless nature of its design has kept it relevant for over 100 years.  It is also one of the first examples of mass-produced bent-wood furniture, undoubtably a predecessor to Eames’s bent ply furniture that I also love.   It is just amazing.  You have for sure seen it and may even know it as the “French Bistro Chair”.  If you go out to a few quaint cafes I’d bet you  could spot one pretty quickly!

Anyways, the chair is rad and it is everywhere and not even that expensive.  But, it was also in need of a face-lift to usher it into our time.  So the brilliant designers at Muji took it upon themselves to update the classic design.  I think a lot of times when people or companies do this, they totally mess up something that didn’t need to be tinkered with (maybe the Volkswagen beetle comes to mind)  BUt in this case, I think the designers at Muji really did an amazing job.  It is so amazing.  I don’t think I have anything else to say about it…I mean, it pretty much speaks for itself.  So fresh…so clean.


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