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I often look to the end product before i get into the design.  For example, two months ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do for my thesis project, but I could have told you pretty much exactly what the final presentation was going to look like.  I figured out the paper size…the basic layout for each board, and even how I would make these shadow-box models I was thinking about.  For this semester I have turned to the American Sprit Blue cigarettes for inspiration.  I will use the colors from their packaging and the basic, bold, graphic style too.  I like it.  I don’t think it has much relevance to Venice (where my site is), which could be a mistake.  Oh well.  This semester I am doing everything on 18in x 24, and I am trying to make 4 boards a week.  This way, during reviews and whatnot, I can just pull out my drawings and they should all be graphically consistent and hopefully precise and nice to look at.  It’s all a bit bright and bold.


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  1. mac says:

    I like it–kind of constructivist. Also like the dark corner, desaturated photos you’ve got below. Throw in a couple super-sized ones of those guys.

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