ben brady


Here are a couple updates on the Venice Studio project I did this weekend.  Basically, I am continuing the structural concept of a series of dormers acting like a folded piece of paper.  The archives building is below the part that cants upwards.  Half of the buses park on the roof of the building, but current flow or footprint of the buses is undisturbed.  Now, you will access these buses through the archives building which will sort of act as a threshold in and out of the city.  You will ascend to the roof similar to the way you would enter a train platform in many small stations.  The dormers are beginning to fold away from eachother and do things other than be a typical roof.  Most notably I think are how the longest dormer re-flattens out and bridges the road creating a new direct connection to the buses from the train station and Calatrava’s bridge as well as folding down into the ground becoming the entrance to the building.  So, people are forced to engage the dormer by walking on the roof as the means of entry.  yup.  we’ll see.


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