ben brady


So I was just messing around in AfterEffects.  I was interested in this idea of the gable becoming the entrance of the buiding and basically what else the gable could help with other than the physical spanning of the roof.  I am experimenting with a couple ideas here, but basically, I don’t really think the roof should remain thin like paper, but needs to get thicker and more chunky.  Then, as you approach, they kind of pop out in all directions.  I thought they could light up or do something to coordinate with the buses.  Perhaps they could present the bus schedule, something that doesn’t currently exist at this bus station.  Maybe, one could flash where to buy tickets and another could have departures/arrivals or something.  I don’t know.  The other idea is that since currently the entrance sequence to the building is related to the roof…and that you basically need to engage the digital archive building to get to the buses…maybe the roof could present the material in a new way.  I thought of Star Wars and how the beginning of the movie they have that canted text receding into the screen.  I like that.  I don’t think it will stay like this… it is more of a place-holder until i can think of a better idea, but i think that the material of the venice archive could be presented in a more interactive way than the traditional archive experience.  But then the question of why?  Archives are mainly for archivists and the material inside, while incredibly important and descriptive of a society in a certain time and place, it is also dty and boring.  The average person has no need to engage an archive.  So, what if the material could present itself in a new way…so that you were engaged in it.  Maybe you would never actually care that so and so bought some land in venice 200 years ago, but if the store unfolded for you as you walked to your destination, you might enjoy it.  Here is the idea in a quick video.



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