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I started making models this weekend.  I re-designed my project so that the roof becomes the building itself.  I haven’t figured out the plan or sections very much yet, but basically I identified the center of the site as a really important axis for pedestrians and I didn’t want to ignore it  Before, there was just one/sort of tenuous connection to the train station, but also, what is very important are the flows between the parking garage and the rest of Venice.  SO, the center of the site is the sort of flat part now and either side cants up to shelter the buses and create elevated spaces.  It’s important to me that the program of the bus station and the program of the digital archive are completely blurred, so the building now is one system that is the structure, the spanning element, the roof, the floor, and the archive/bus station.  Before, I had sort of a shitty little thing slid under a roof that was too thin.  I like this more…lots to go though.

I went to my favorite store in Boston called Altec Plastics.  They basically have every kind of plexi glass you could want.  I hadn’t been there in a really long time because i was in Paris last semester but when I went in, the woman behind the counter smiled and said “Ben!! Where have you been!?”  It is sort of like cheers.  It was really sweet and nice and a bit sad because that means over the last couple years I must have spent a fortune there.  I think I am putting Mr. and Mrs. Altec’s kids through school!  Anyways, I got some milk plex and black plex and the idea was to make my structure in black and the covering in milk.  That way if i lit it from above, it would appear opaque, but if I put a light in it or under it, the structural ribs would shine through.  It works sort of, but i am using too thick of a plexi glass for this scale model (1:250) so I had trouble folding and bending it where I wanted too.  So I just flattened the design and made the model more of a diagram…leaving some areas unsheathed to show the structure below.  It isn’t ideal, but hopefully later this week i will make it again but with some kind of vellum or paper that is thinner and easier to work with.  I had to heat the plexi glass with a heat-gun and sort of drape it over the ribs…a bit annoying and sloppy.


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  1. Kirsten says:

    I LIKE it!

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