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Tomorrow is my first desk crit of the semester so I am eager to hear what my teacher thinks of my ideas so far.  He has seen some images and has some concerns about the edges of the building so I made a quick sketch model and put it in the bigger site model to better understand the building in the context of the site/city.  I think it isn’t successful yet, but it was helpful to see it.  Basically the move has been to dissolve  one edge in favor of pedestrian circulation in the middle.  I realized today that I was thinking about this as a bus station, which it is, but I was just sort of thinking how the buses would move through the site and how a building could sort of weave around that existing condition.  This kid in my class called Andre was thinking that the buses are sort of imovable object and even goes as far as to poche them on his sections solid.  It is very interesting and smart.  But, I was thinking about the circulation of the buses and not enough of the pedestrian.  Basically, a HUGE amount of people park in that massive building next to mine each day.  They need to get to Venice to work, so the strongest axis in the project should be from that garage through the site into the city.  So, this is the center of my building and at that point it becomes a walkable/drivable roof.  It is late, and i am not making sense.  Too many late nights in a row.   Here are some pictures.


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