ben brady


I am totally into studio but i have to think about other things too.  My thesis is about Digital space in a library.  What happens to the book in the digital age?  It stays relevant of course.  I have been thinking about “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproducibility”  by Benjamin.  What happens to the original when it is put through a machine?  I always think about this.  I mean, I have all these images on the webpage, but the original ones are here with me.   You are just looking at a reproduction of it.  But then again, what if the original is not a hand drawn thing…but rather something that was made for a digital world…a digital file, a website, yada yada.  I just keep thinking about what gets lost in digital world.  I took a picture of my desk, then i put the opened the picture in photoshop, and then took a picture again.  this could go on an infinite number of times.  Each time i took a picture, the ‘original’ will become more and more distorted.  Each time I am putting a slightly different perspective on it.  I did an experiment like this to put in my undergraduate portfolio where i took a picture, printed it, took a picture of that picture, printed it…and so on for about 24 times.   It was crazy how distorted and messed up things got and how quickly.  Anyways, stuff that’s on my mind most of my waking life and some of my unawake life. 


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