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So I am gonna make 4 of these for my final presentation showing different conditions about the building and site.  The next one will be a small site model that lights up.


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So I had this idea that I could animate the structural diagram of the building and then put it on my iPad.  Then, I could put the clear 3d print on top of it and it could tell the story.  I think this way is better because the light is telling the story more than before when I was painting the frames different colors.  I am pretty excited about the possibilities of combining animations on my iPad with physical models.  The red light is one tube and one rhythmic of frames and the yellow is another.  The edges of the blue are where the two systems or rhythms sync with each other.

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VENICE: Section Model

So this is a new model I have been working on.  It has taken a while because the first time I put it in this bath of chemicals that was supposed to remove the support material but it was too hot and it warped and got all unusable.  So I tried again and it came out better.  Right now, I am just sketching around trying to figure out what the interior space would be like.  So the dots are not meant to be taken literally but rather just as a contrast to the solid wood.  So I thought this could be some sort of wayfinding device between the digital program (the archives) and the physical program (the bus station).  So in this model, the dots are associated with the archive and the display of information whereas the solid wood is intended to be something different.

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need to move away from this bifurcation 

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Here are some recent boards from our last pin-up.  I have a lot more in between these and the last post, but I don’t know if I will post them…a couple of them are cool, but most aren’t.

american spirit goes pastel?  American Easter in Venice?

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So I kinda messed the model up…got too excited, painted it poorly…meh, same old.  Anyways, a little trip to the sand-blaster, some light-box photos..all is OK in the world.

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Hey there…so it has been a really really long time since I have posted stuff.  I have been pretty swamped and just haven’t found the time.  I was working on the design and drawing of a small pool/guest house in Miami.  I did it for one of my former teachers and overall it was a good experience, but a lot of work.  I had a lot of freedom to do whatever I felt, so that is always fun.  I will post some pictures of it soon.

For now, I wanted to share the progress on the Venice project.  Things have been going really well.  I haven’t put as much into it as I would like but overall it is moving forward positively.  I had a mid-review that went well and I got some good advice on how to move forward and to sort of tighten up the project.  At this point, I am still experimenting with this strange retro form or representation and also am getting into some other things…some funny renderings, a lot of diagrams, a t-shirt, wrapping paper, and a bunch of models.  I am trying to stay really light and I am quite interested in the graphic nature of the project, so I am just going that way.  I mean, the project walks a fine line between some post-modern, playful idea of simple shapes, but in a machine like futurist way…so  who knows what that means.

For now I want to share the progress on a model I am making.  I decided to give 3d printing a try for this project since my roofs are lofted, doubly-curved surfaces.  The exciting thing is that I am using a new technology at the school…clear polyjet printing.  Basically this thing prints clear/translucent plastic out of my 3d file.  We’ve always had translucent stuff to print here if you wanted to but it always had this amber-y mucus-like color to it, so I stayed away.  Why show your project off in a model that resembles a disgusting bodily function?  Anyways, I sent the print last night and it was hot off the press this morning.  I have to remove “support material” which is like an amber gel.  After the excavation, a semi-clear, doubly-curved tube is there.  The  next step for this little model is to cut a bunch of laser-cut, plexiglasss trusses.  I will paint them red or yellow…not sure yet…then I will cap the tubes and light it up so you can read the structural logic.  Here are a few pics of the process so far this morning….more to come when it is done and lit up better!

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