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Hey there…so it has been a really really long time since I have posted stuff.  I have been pretty swamped and just haven’t found the time.  I was working on the design and drawing of a small pool/guest house in Miami.  I did it for one of my former teachers and overall it was a good experience, but a lot of work.  I had a lot of freedom to do whatever I felt, so that is always fun.  I will post some pictures of it soon.

For now, I wanted to share the progress on the Venice project.  Things have been going really well.  I haven’t put as much into it as I would like but overall it is moving forward positively.  I had a mid-review that went well and I got some good advice on how to move forward and to sort of tighten up the project.  At this point, I am still experimenting with this strange retro form or representation and also am getting into some other things…some funny renderings, a lot of diagrams, a t-shirt, wrapping paper, and a bunch of models.  I am trying to stay really light and I am quite interested in the graphic nature of the project, so I am just going that way.  I mean, the project walks a fine line between some post-modern, playful idea of simple shapes, but in a machine like futurist way…so  who knows what that means.

For now I want to share the progress on a model I am making.  I decided to give 3d printing a try for this project since my roofs are lofted, doubly-curved surfaces.  The exciting thing is that I am using a new technology at the school…clear polyjet printing.  Basically this thing prints clear/translucent plastic out of my 3d file.  We’ve always had translucent stuff to print here if you wanted to but it always had this amber-y mucus-like color to it, so I stayed away.  Why show your project off in a model that resembles a disgusting bodily function?  Anyways, I sent the print last night and it was hot off the press this morning.  I have to remove “support material” which is like an amber gel.  After the excavation, a semi-clear, doubly-curved tube is there.  The  next step for this little model is to cut a bunch of laser-cut, plexiglasss trusses.  I will paint them red or yellow…not sure yet…then I will cap the tubes and light it up so you can read the structural logic.  Here are a few pics of the process so far this morning….more to come when it is done and lit up better!


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