ben brady


So I had this idea that I could animate the structural diagram of the building and then put it on my iPad.  Then, I could put the clear 3d print on top of it and it could tell the story.  I think this way is better because the light is telling the story more than before when I was painting the frames different colors.  I am pretty excited about the possibilities of combining animations on my iPad with physical models.  The red light is one tube and one rhythmic of frames and the yellow is another.  The edges of the blue are where the two systems or rhythms sync with each other.


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6 Responses

  1. brad says:

    This is too good. I love Ben Brady.

  2. mimi says:


  3. Bulbul Vyas says:

    This is really coo benl!!

  4. Bulbul Vyas says:

    cool…with an ‘L’ oopse…

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