ben brady


I finished studio.  I saw the sun rise 7 days in a row…i was completely nocturnal.  It went well and I was pleased with the work this semester.  I mean, the project wasn’t as resolved as I would have hoped, but the rest of it was pretty cool.  I was happy with the models, all the ipad stuff, and the drawings.  One reviewer said the drawings looked like comic books that had been left in the sun too long…haha.  Anyways, the reviewers were mostly Spanish dudes and it was a really productive conversation.  My first studio critic from GSD was there, Lluis Ortega of f451 Architectura.  Also, Michael Meredith of MOS, and Hashim Sarkis, as well as Manislla + Tunon from Madrid, as well as Julio Salcedo of Scalar Architecture in NYC, and Ignacio Gonzales Galan of Princeton and of course my instructor, Luis Rojo of Rojo Fernandez-Shaw.  It was a pretty intense room…but in a good way.  I think the comments were good and constructive.  They highlighted a lot of problems with the project that I could work on further.  They also engaged a discussion about representation and how it can provide feedback to the design project.  Basically, how representation isn’t and after-thought, but can be used as a very didactic method.  I was happy to have this discussion because I focused a lot on representation this semester.  I think too often at school we just design and dump some stuff out at the end…that models and drawings are the result, not the process…but I believe the opposite and I was trying to explore that this semester.   We went out for drinks afterwards and had some good conversations with the reviewers.  One of them told me i was twisted, in a good way and that I should just embrace it and go crazy.  hahah, I might do that.  Anyways, it was a good semester and I with I could do it again right now.  Here are some images from my review…not shown are models, which I will take photos of and show later.


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2 Responses

  1. Val says:

    It looks rad Ben! Way to go! I’ve enjoyed watching your design process through these past months. Now what…

  2. bendbrady says:

    Thanks Val! Now I am going to start working on my thesis and doing a couple projects outside of school…after May, no idea!

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