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This semester  I am fortunate enough to be taking and ta-ing a course called Bibliotheca2: Library Test Kitchen.  The class is taught by Jeffrey Schnapp, Jeff Goldenson, Anne Whiteside and myself as the teaching assistant.  It is a great class where we explore the prototyping of objects for the contemporary library.  We explore the problems facing the library in  very hands on way and we have great conversations about the future every week….not a bad way to spend a Thursday if you ask me!

My work can be found at this blog….http://benbradylibrary.wordpress.com/

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Today, thanks to the Harvard Law School, the Library Innovation Lab, and a whole host of other people I bought a bunch of Walnut to play with.  Walnut is my favorite wood I think.  It is such a nice ashy color and it ages well.  It is easy to work with as far as hard-woods go and it just looks rad.  I am not sure where exactly the wood I bought today is coming from but generally the Walnut I’ve bought in the past comes from Oregon.  I like this, because I sort of resent the use of exotic woods from endangered forests for the production of objects.  A lot of people will tell you that the things you make out of these woods carry with them such a level of heirloom quality that it warrants any potential detrimental effect to the forest…basically a chair made of padouk or something should ideally be around for longer than the tree would be anyways….i don’t really feel comfortable with that.  Anyways, walnut is the best…that is just that.   This is an image of the last thing I made out of walnut.

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provocation 1 update

some photos of a model i made….



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