ben brady


I decided not to cut the holes into CRAG but I added a reflective surface on one of the lower panels.  I guess this way cats can see themselves.

Version 2 is diagrammed out and I am going to play more with the perceptual games that I am doing now.  CRAG looks like a massive object from some angles.  It appears to be made of solid wood from far away.  But as you come closer, you can see the grain of the wood going in every direction and it is revealed that CRAG is actually veneered plywood.  The table is made of super sharp angels, something that is more commonly attributed to bending sheet steel or something like that, but CRAG is made of wood because in the future library…even if the form and the content is not traditional, people want to hold onto the tactile, warm qualities of tradition.  This is how CRAG starts to become a skeuomorph.  In version 2, one surface will be SUPER_VENEERED, meaning it will literally be paper printed with an image of the walnut texture on it.  THis will mount to plexi glass and from far hopefully read exactly like the rest of the table.  But, when lit from inside, a message revealing CRAG’s true identity will appear.


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  1. mac says:

    Nice! So, is this part of thesis? Another class? I want 2 go 2 Harvard…what the hell is a skeumorph?

  2. bendbrady says:

    mac, I wish you went to Harvard too! It would be a cooler place if you were here! This is sort of for this class I am ta-ing called Library Test Kitchen where we imagine shit for the future library. Since my thesis is also imagining shit for the future library, it works out and I effectively am double dipping a bit. Not too shabby. So for now…I just make stuff and then I will sort out for what class it belongs to later. A skeuomorph is basically when there is a vestige of a different time found in a contemporary object. It’s like wood paneling on station wagons, or fake-rendered bookshelves in ibooks…or fake page turns on pdfs. They are silly things but they are also sort of providing this transition for people between paradigm shifts in technology. I think the library for the near future has to embrace that we are at this skeuomorphic moment where people want what is new and current but also want what is familiar and old about a library at the same time. It’s like designing silliness that purposely is sort of stupid.

  3. mac says:

    got it;

    hey I bet you’ve already run across this:


    and then here’s a cool twist on that idea:


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