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The focus box is a recent experiment I am doing in looking developing a space for focus and control.  This box is meant to be a diorama to explore effect with light, wood, and plastic.  The larger project will be a room, inside of a library or really any other highly digitized (wi-fi, cell phone reception, digital) space.  The small room will be a place to escape this reality.  Just like the box, the room will appear to be a craggy, massive, shape carved of solid wood.  The inside will be painted with an EMF shielding paint that will block wifi signals and cell phone signals.  The idea is to create a wifi-cold spot.  This spot will be a place of slow isolation and self-reflection in an overly digitized environment.  The inside is also made with acrylic rods that are embedded into the plywood.  The plywood has been cnc milled to make it paper thin where it has been bored out…and this is how light is transmitted into the space.  The rods vary in length and act similar to fiber optics bringing rings of light into the space.  Inside this room there will be a stool and a lamp.  When you feel like it, you can turn on the lamp and read, free from any burdens of emails or vibrating or chirping mobile phones..  When you turn the lamp on, the same holes that originally brought light into the space create a polk-dot pattern on the outside of the space indicating to others that it is occupied and to leave the person inside alone.  I am going to build this small room soon.  Thanks to my buddy Nick Polansky for modeling the Focus Box. 


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