ben brady


This is what the little room will look like.  The whole thing will look like this polka-dotted thing.  The thing is really faceted and lit up from all angles.  The idea here is to disorient you a little bit and quickly get you to focus on your immediate environment.  Imagine being in a space where people are chatting and studying and phones are vibrating and all that and then you move into this little shelter with none of that.  Inside the shelter you immediately have to focus your eyes on these protruding lights and the space is awkwardly shaped.  I think you would quickly forget about the space you were just in, and then be very present in this new space.  Then, you sit, and turn on the light, and read in privacy or just take a break.    I think it is like how you are supposed to cleanse your pallet before you eat something new or like how in the perfume store they make you smell coffee beans to re-neutralize your sense of smell.  I think this is sort of like this thing that would be weird and would spatially cleanse your pallet and prepare you to focus.  Of course, I have no idea if this is bullshit or not…it is just a guess.  So I will build it and we will see.


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