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cccYesterday i went to Home Depot because I wanted to make something.  I didn’t know what to make so I just started walking up the aisles.  I saw these copper pipes in the plumbing area and they caught my eye.  They are just such a nice color so I decided to try to make a table.  Since I don’t have access to a shop I had to make sure I bought things in a way that I could just do them in room without power tools.  So I bought some wood to make a frame, some concrete to pour the top, some silicon to make a nice edge, some wire mesh to add strength to the concrete and some cork stoppers for the feet.  I like the combination of cork, copper, and concrete.  Even in the shopping cart the 3 of them looked good together so I think that is a good start.  It’s like on Top Chef when they start with rad ingredients so what they make is also rad.

I wanted to make super thin table top so I reinforced it.  I wanted it to be about an inch thick but I ran out of concrete and it was only about 5/8.  If I do it again I will float the top of the pour to the top of the frame and trowel it smooth but this was sort of a rough draft.  The top has a nice finish and picked up the grain of the wood, but the bottom is rough and the connection to the legs is terrible.  I attached part of the mold to the wall and rested 1 side of the table onto it.  I like this little table and it was a fun thing to do in the afternoon.  It’s sort of like sketching in 3d.  I like going to the hardware store and just looking at what is there and trying to make something happen out of it.  Anyways, I will probably try to improve it but…prototype 1.


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